We Need You

We are actively searching for professionals from different domains.

  • Software Developers

Software is the final output of this endeavor. We are looking for developers and software architects, both from the front end and back end / data realm. We can’t say now what software and languages or frameworks we’ll be using and, likely, you’ll take an active part on the decision. We’ll potentially be mashing up existing software like wiki, git or blog platforms and we’ll be prototyping new Web services and tools: in that case, familiarity with frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap, or environments like RoR or similar will be useful.

  • Hardware Developers and Hackers

We need your experience in dealing with open hardware projects: your insights will be key to define the problems and shape the solutions. You’ll be discussing challenges and ways to address them with other open source hardware stakeholders and the whole creative team to help develop a process for inclusion and diffusion.

  • UX, Service and Product designers

Design thinking and best practices are essencial to scaling and growing the open source hardware movement. Please join us and bring your experience and ideas to the table. 

  • Web Designers and Illustrators

Graphics and interfaces will be a key part of the job: front ends are necessary to improve accessibility and usability. We expect graphics tools (such as stencils, icons, diagrams) to play an important role in accompanying documentation standards or even becoming an integral part of those standards. Furthermore, as in any prototyping effort, we need people who know how to represent content and ideas in a visual way, and visualization will be a key part of the facilitation process. Visual facilitators are welcome as well.

  • Storytellers and Copywriters

All the work produced during the event will be documented and shared with the rest of the world. We need storytellers, videographers, and copywriters who can create compelling informative materials to tackle the huge challenge of tracking advancements and making this information accessible to others.

  • Facilitators

During the weekend, we will coordinate, coach and give feedback and guidance to all participants. Attendance will be characterized by a large range of skills and abilities, and the need for facilitation and coordination will be huge. Facilitators will interact with the organizing team to design the particulars of the event’s agenda and methodologies. We need your ideas and commitment to make this happen.


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